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K-State Slate:2.12.14

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Wherein we give you all a completely acceptable target for your anger.

Still partying?
Still partying?
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Special I'm a Dumbass Alert: Yesterday, we posted the How to Watch and Open Game Thread... for tonight's women's basketball game against Texas. They're still there, with the information changed, but I'm busy scrubbing egg off my face.

Men's Basketball:

I can understand if you feel that you'd rather not reward this with a click-through, but I post it for the sake awareness. Jack Harry offered his thoughts on the Kansas game. Harry's post consists of 28 sentences. It includes the phrase "I don't have a dog in this fight", yet of those 28 sentences nine were either insults or subtly snide backhanded compliments directed at the Wildcats, five were blaming KU players, four were smug "KU is still KU" chest-thumping, five were either content-free fragments or his signoff, and one was a flat-out inaccuracy -- no, Jack, KU is not still the #1 RPI team in the country. In short, a wholly offensive pile of manure, more offensive and condescending than anything you'd see posted at RCT, and wholly worthy of your outrage, disdain, and venom. Have at it. Open target.

Moving on.

Part of Harry's blather: mocking Bramlage for storming the court. (Okay, I'd rather it hadn't happened, but I get it.) Well, in Kevin Haskin's weekly notes, he lays forth the argument for why it was justified. Also of note: the last line, which is impressive no matter what you think of the Shockers.

Ken Corbitt says Big Monday was Will Spradling's defining moment as a senior.

Eric Smith on Jevon Thomas being behind the curve.

Kellis Robinett got some words from Marvin Clark, the Wichita-Sunrise Christian three-star who was in attendance last night. Spoiler: he had fun.

For the second time this season, Marcus Foster has been named Wayman Tisdale National Freshman of the Week. Despite that, he's still not in the top five on the CBSSports Wayman Tisdale Award Watch, which is sort of incomprehensible since he and Jabari Parker are the only guys named Freshman of the Week more than once.

Sports Extra's Kelly McHugh on last night's home court magic.

Women's Basketball:

The Star's Kathleen Gier notes Leti Romero leads all Big 12 freshmen in scoring.

Men's Golf:

Snuck up on me: the men's golf team headed to San Antonio for the UTSA Oak Hills Invitational. They finished Monday tied for ninth, and ended the event yesterday in the same position after a day marred by awful weather. Oklahoma won the event, followed by Baylor two strokes back.


Letter from John Currie.