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K-State Slate: 2.11.14

Apparently, there was an athletic contest of some note in north-central Kansas last night.

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the Wabash
Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the Wabash
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, I don't think we need to get into any big leadup, because you already know what today's slate is. Links. Lots and lots and lots of links. About one thing. (Mostly.)

Men's Basketball - Recaps:

Men's Basketball - Post-game reactions and analysis:

Also, Marcus Foster was named Big 12 Newcomer of the Week for the second time this year. Well, DUH. At this point, he's the odds-on favorite for next week, too.

Women's Basketball:

Official SID preview of tonight's game against Texas. Also, tonight is Play4Kay night; the Lady Cats will be decked out in pink, and all sorts of swag from the game will be auctioned off this afternoon on the concourse to benefit the Kay Yow Fund. At halftime, the 2004 Big 12 Champs will be honored; Claire Coggins, Nicole Ohlde, and Kendra Wecker will be among those present. (Laurie Koehn and Megan Mahoney can't make it due to current team commitments.)