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Bring on the Podcast with Matt Wilson of Bears Illustrated

Our good friend Mattisbear returns to explain his fascination with Twitter, tell us about Baylor's glorious new stadium, another explosive Bears offense, and of course, weigh in on the Baylor-TCU debate.

Yep, this guy's probably going to play for Baylor on Saturday.
Yep, this guy's probably going to play for Baylor on Saturday.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Even though he abandoned the good folks at Our Daily Bears, we still invited Matt Wilson (formerly MattisBear, now of Bears Illustrated on the Scout network) back on the podcast to join KSUEMAW! and I to preview this Saturday's Top 10 showdown between Kansas State and Baylor. Anyone who has ever heard our shows with Matt before won't be surprised we took some time to talk about McLane Stadium and Twitter (sorry, Mrs. Wilson) before finally getting to important things such as Bryce Petty's status and what the Bears' offense might look like without their star quarterback.

Matt confirms we should expect a high-scoring game unless Kansas State's safeties can step up in a big way or Baylor improves enough to stop Jake Waters running the football and throwing the ball to Tyler Lockett. Finally, we circle back to Baylor Twitter to air our grievances about the Baylor-TCU College Football Playoff ranking debate, one that should change drastically this weekend, no matter the result in this game or others across the country.

Be sure to follow Matt on Twitter at @mattisbear and check out his stuff on Bears Illustrated if you're looking for info on the latest high school kids headed to Waco. We're still hoping to one day put together a pickup basketball game between Bring on the Cats and Our Daily Bears, so please feel free to choose among the staffers and leave your lineup ideas in the comments. One rule: Matt and I must be starting point guards, which is obviously a battle I would dominate with my 5-inch height advantage.

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