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Bring on the Podcast with SB Nation's Ryan Rosenblatt

SB Nation's Ryan Rosenblatt tells us all about UCLA, including why the Bruins need this win and some reasons they should be terrified of Tyler Lockett and Kansas State's receivers.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Alamo Bowl edition of the podcast features the insights of Ryan Rosenblatt, SB Nation's esteemed and entertaining soccer editor who also happens to live in Los Angeles and know quite a bit about UCLA football. He's impressed with the team's efforts in coach Jim Mora's first three seasons, but he also knows there's a lot more work to be done to meet the expectations of everyone from the coaching staff to the fanbase. This is certainly a program on the rise, and Ryan says beating Kansas State to give the Bruins their second 10-win season in three years would be an important step forward.

Neither Ryan nor anyone else could tell us exactly why UCLA's offense can be unstoppable (ask Arizona State) or erratic (see: games vs. Virginia, Stanford), why their pass protection can be strong or nearly useless or why sometimes running quarterbacks like Jake Waters can find success. But we still learned a lot about great players like record-setting quarterback Brett Hundley and Butkus Award winner Eric Kendricks, as well as several others who you'll probably see playing on Sundays soon.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @RyanRosenblatt for all of his takes on soccer, college football and sometimes other things.

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