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Bring on the Podcast with Derek Smith

Junction City Daily Union sports editor and former Bring on the Cats celebrity Derek Smith returns to tell us why this could be one of the most underrated Bill Snyder teams of all time, and we look ahead to next year to learn why things could go well — so long as the offense can find some good new options at the skill positions.

This team deserves your respect.
This team deserves your respect.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Junction City Daily Union sports editor Derek Smith makes his triumphant return to Bring on the Cats to join us in this week's podcast, but to be honest, you guys, he doesn't seem that sad to be covering K-State for real instead of just blogging about them from his mom's basement. Weird, right? Anyway, Derek and BracketCat offer some solid insights as to why you should appreciate this team — and especially Jake Waters — more than you probably do, and just what went wrong to prevent them from winning another Big 12 title.

We also take a look around the Big 12 and discuss the possible beginnings of a dynasty at Baylor, how TCU got so far ahead of schedule, how long it might take Charlie Strong to get Texas back to being Texas, what Tyreek Hill's huge punt return means in Norman and Stillwater, why Paul Rhoads still has a job, and LOLKU. There's also a bit of an Alamo Bowl Preview in there somewhere, but come back later for a much more in-depth look, ideally with someone who has UCLA expertise.

In case you're new here, don't forget to follow Derek Smith on Twitter at @dereksmith and you can also read his work (subscription required) at the Junction City Daily Union's website.

Note: This podcast was required Wednesday night, which is relevant to some of the discussions regarding All-Big 12 teams, some college basketball scores and probably a few other things.

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