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K-State Slate: 11.27.2014-Have You Had Your Daily Tryptophan?

The basketball Cats look to eat their sorrows away from yesterday while regaining some of those depleted calories.

Looks like someone's a little too excited for cranberry sauce
Looks like someone's a little too excited for cranberry sauce
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Turkey Day to everyone! Since this is a day meant to be around your nearest and dearest, we figured we should make a slate (slash open thread) so you could spend ALL DAY with your favoritest internet people. Or robots. But hey, that rec still counts, amirite?


If a blog posts ten articles in a day and no one is there to comment on them, did the internet ever exist to begin with? It was a highly productive day from the BOTC staff yesterday and a quiet one from the commentariat, most likely because you were all speechless. Probably not because of travel plans, being with family, and generally doing better things than being at work.

First, Jon and Luke bickered over who is going to beat who on a week designed for extreme football watching, the Cat with the Brackets enlightens us on how our favorite players are doing as professionals, then to finish off the top half of the day Luke and Bracket interrogate David Ubben on Kansas football (along with other subjects), in which he uses completely unrelated terms such as "remarkable" and "interesting". Later on in the evening Bracket made his encore lighting up his RPI update like a Christmas tree, wildcat00 takes us back to Roosevelt administration in her Sunflower Showdown history series, and finally, BigE gives us his two cents on the basketball game that was played yesterday.

Kellis Robinett tells us how the team is preparing for the big move out of then back into Vanier. Spoiler alert: Bill Snyder gets his own suite!

That is all.

Recaps abound from the game yesterday. They include but are not limited to: Kellis Robinett's take, the Idaho Statesman, and the Capital Journal.

Bruce says he wants more out of Justin Edwards, which echoes the sentiment of many of us here. Also noted, the team scored two touchdowns in terms of how many players made an appearance yesterday.

If you were wondering how the women's team did, you wasted brain waves, because their game was postponed due to a "facility conflict", whatever that means. Big 12 Sports gives us that nugget.

Now go get your eating pants on and go shove three weeks worth of food into your stomach. It's been a whole year since last year, so you deserve it.