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College Football Open Thread: Week 13

There's been better weekends for football.

Calling you to your open thread.
Calling you to your open thread.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

On a day when the average line on top 25 games is 22.2, there aren't many can't-miss games. Nevertheless, they are still televising games (inexplicably, perhaps), so there is still football to watch and basketball games to forget about. You can check out the very pretty full television schedule, brought to you by our very own Jon Morse. But for those who are too lazy and/or apathetic to click the link, I have outlined the two Big 12 games below. Get excited.

Big 12

Time Away Home TV Line
2:30 Texas Tech Iowa State FSN ISU -1.5
6:30 Oklahoma State #7 Baylor FOX BAY -33.0

If you need to feel better about our ugly win on Thursday, that Texas Tech-Iowa State game may be even uglier than ours. I wouldn't risk the psychological effects of watching if I were you though.

Baylor will probably stomp the eff out of Oklahoma State, but you never know, right?

Enjoy your Saturdays.