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K-State Slate 11.10.14: Power Rankings and Basketball

A slow news Monday, with a few power rankings, and basketball recaps.

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Jon's out, I'm in, so let's kick the tires and light the fires.

The first polls since Kansas State's loss in Fort Worth came out yesterday and Jon Morse has your recap of the Wildcats fall.

Also yesterday, Jeffp171 broke out his transitivity rankings based on a teams win and loss runs. If you haven't already I highly recommend checking out these articles.

Pat Forde wonders if TCU's playoff chances were actually hurt Saturday, since Baylor had a more impressive win that same day. I hate to break it to Mr. Forde, but Kansas State only has two losses, one in conference, while Oklahoma has THREE conference losses, two of them at home and one of them being a loss to Kansas State.

NBCSports Zach Barnett reported that if a two way tie remains at the end of Big 12 conference play, the winner of the head to head match-up would be considered the "champ"in the eyes of the playoff committee. Good news for Baylor, bad news for the Horned Frogs who better be rooting for Kansas State to recover and take down the Bears later this season.

Ken Corbitt, Topeka Capital-Journal, notes the complete lack of a running game during the TCU game. The lack of a run game allowed TCU to put consistent pressure on QB Jake Waters and while Jake had a decent game you could tell he never really found his groove against an attacking Horned Frog defense.

Berry Tramel's Big 12 power rankings are out, and with this weekends results things are beginning to clear up at the top of the rankings. I think it's pretty obvious Baylor and TCU are a step ahead of both Kansas State and Oklahoma.

Finally, Bring on the Cats friend David Ubben, has his Big 12 Power Rankings, and I think you'll be surprised at how far certain teams have fallen. *cough Oklahoma *cough

Kansas State's Men's Basketball team finally kicked the 2014-2015 season off yesterday with a 68-56 exhibition victory over Washburn. John Zetmeir has your Topeka Capital Journal recap, while Kellis Robinett has your KC Star recap of the game.

With basketball tipping off official later this week, The New Yorker has a piece on understanding the secrets of the Triangle Offense. Yoni Brenner breaks down the unspoken and misunderstood intricacies of possibly the toughest offense to master in the game of basketball.