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College Football Week Ten: Open Thread

After suffering through some undesirable early match ups, there are some interesting games leading into tonight's contest.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

With the exception of Duke/Pitt, the morning slate of games did very little for me in terms of excitement. Luckily, the day is still young, and most of the contests listed below will be more watchable than anything than anything offered to us this morning.

Big 12

Time Away Home TV Line
2:30 PM #7 TCU #20 West Virginia ABC/ESPN2 TCU -3.5
3 PM Kansas #12 Baylor FS1 BAY -35.5
6:30 PM Texas Texas Tech FS1 TEX -3.0

Obviously you have TCU/Baylor, but the other two match-ups are only interesting if you are like watching dysfunctional football teams or are incredibly sadistic.


Time Away Home TV Line
6:00 PM #4 Auburn #7 Ole Miss ESPN MISS -2.0
6:15 PM Arkansas #1 Mississippi State ESPN2 MSST -11.0
6:30 PM Stanford #5 Oregon FOX ORE -7.0
9:30 PM #14 Arizona #25 UCLA ESPN UCLA -6.5
10:00 PM #18 Utah #15 Arizona State FS1 ASU -6.0

Auburn looks to send the Rebels back to the middle of the SEC pack where they came from and some mildly watchable games from other SEC schools. Then the Pac-12 induces your insomnia with two top 25 match-ups for the night-cap.