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K-State Slate: 10.8.14-Celebrating Bill Snyder's 75th Birthday

Bill Snyder turned 75 yesterday, and an off week allowed for some reflection. Meanwhile, Danzel McDaniel has become the leader of a revamped, hard hitting defense, and another weekly honor for a K-State student athlete.

How's this jacket look?
How's this jacket look?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Snyder's birthday was yesterday and if you didn't spend all day celebrating by taking the day off then I don't know what's wrong with you. Luke Thompson and Jon Morse came together through the celebration for a Southern inspired FEPO. Hey, where's my fried chicken guys?!

Late yesterday night Curtis Kitchen put together a FANTASTIC piece on Danzel McDaniel (A.K.A. Debo), where-in McDaniel describes how we wants to be a tone-setter for the defense. I'd say he's done a pretty good job so far.

Danzel McDaniel was also the focus of a great piece by former Bring on the Cats writer, and current BotC friend Derek Smith. Between Kitchen, and Smith I don't know why you would even need to read that other purple website. (Ed note: This is a pay site however, if you register you get five articles free per month. I'd recommend at least registering so you can follow Derek's writings.)

As many of you know yesterday was Bill Snyder's 75th birthday, and with an off week his press conference turned into a more relaxed affair, with some reflection on how he's gotten here.

The oldest football coach in the Bowl Subdivision credits his mother, Marionetta, for steering him on the right path writes Tony Adame for

Kevin Haskin's is always good for a nugget or two in his weekly musings article, and this week is no different. The biggest item to stand out to me? Both Trevone Boykin and Jake Waters are on the list of Big 12 Rushing leaders.

Nick Walsh is tied for second in punting with a 43.7 yard average, after starting the season on the bench, writes Ken Corbitt of the Capital Journal.

Bruce Haertl of KWCH 12 has this weeks For What It's Worth, where he talks about K-State's transition from facing mostly rushing teams, to a pass heavy team like Tech, and as he puts it "they're going to have a really nice season" if they keep this up.

An AP article courtesy of The Legal Record, talks about K-States' quest for a Big 12 title this upcoming season. Marcus Foster has extra motivation to stay on the All-Big 12 list as he does't want to become one of those guys who gets on the pre-season, but doesn't carry over to the regular/post-season.

Sean Keeler from FOX Sports Kansas City talks about the state of Kansas, and how it's cornered the market of good/great basketball teams, as both KU and Wichita State are expected to be in the AP Top 15, and Kansas State a dark-horse to win the Big 12 with Weber's most talented Wildcat team yet.

Kansas State hosts Iowa State tonight at 8 PM, and has your quick hits preview and notes on this years Volleyball team.

K-State's equestrian team is off to a great start, and yesterdaay Henley Adkins was named one of four NCEA (National Collegiate Equestrain Association) Riders of the Month. Adkins also earned Most Outstanding Performer in all three meets so far this season.