Kansas State Men's Lacrosse

is celebrating this Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

It is finally here. Twenty Five years of Kansas State Men’s Lacrosse. How did we get here?

Through Comradery, Perseverance, Determination, Friendship, Brotherhood, Family.

With Tenacity, Leadership, Solidarity, Commitment, Vision, Character, Hilarity.

Twenty Two and a half years ago, only two and a half years into our existence, we wrote the following:

Many of the younger lacrosse players in the Great Plains Lacrosse League did not know our first lacrosse coach here at Kansas State, but the older players remember him well. A coach that took a motley assortment of young athletes that knew very little about lacrosse and formed a team. A team that on its first outing was surprisingly competitive. Our goal is to have a tournament that has many of the qualities that we knew in our coach; well-played, organized lacrosse, good sportsmanship, and above all, fun. He coached us because he enjoyed watching us grow from the "bad news bears" team of yesteryear to a team that plays like a precision tuned sports car. Donnie instilled in us what it took to be a winning team and not a group of losing individuals. For many years to come the Kansas State Lacrosse team will honor our past coach with a tournament in his name.

First Lieutenant Donaldson P. Tillar III, Company D, 4th Battalion, First Aviation; was killed in action on February 28 1991 while serving in the Gulf War.

Has a lot changed since then? Yes, many things have changed, although there still isn’t any grass in the old stadium, but it is green and looks like grass. As older players, many things changed on the exterior. Most of us are married with children. We are leaders in our communities all throughout the United States and the World. We are all tasked with numerous responsibilities both at home and our professional lives. And yet, each year we find time to gather in a "spot that I love full well" that "holds me with a magic spell". It brings us back to those days so long ago when we met our new brothers. At the time we didn't realize, but they would be with us for the rest of our lives! For the past 25 years, the one constant in our lives has been KSU Men's Lacrosse.

But then again, a few things haven’t changed. We still have a men’s lacrosse club here at Kansas State University. One filled with young athletes determined to uphold all the qualities we instilled in the foundation that was built twenty five years ago. As the KSU Men's Lacrosse Alumni, we challenge our young lacrosse brothers to carry on our traditions, and to preserve our "family" for another 25 years and beyond.

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25 years of Men's Lacrosse at Kansas State

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