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College Football Week Six: Open Thread

Hooray (actual) football!

I guess there's land sharks in... Alabama?
I guess there's land sharks in... Alabama?
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This is your very own week six open thread for every game that is non-K-State related. Of course, you have already read the masterfully done slate for today, where you will get all the news you could possibly want about everything that is important in life. I will borrow '00's already compiled Big 12 game layout and up her six other national games you would want to watch under normal football conditions.

Big 12

Time (CST) Away Home TV Line
2:30 PM #7 Baylor Texas ABC BAY -13.5
2:30 PM #4 Oklahoma #25 TCU FOX OU -3.5
3 PM Kansas West Virginia FSN WVU -27.0

I'm not sure Texas' offense or defense will be able to keep pace with Baylor, no matter the venue.
TCU's first real test is a monster. This should be a fun one.
The West Virginia line is huge, but I have no argument.

Best of the Rest

Time (CST) Away Home TV Line
2:30 #3 Alabama #11 Ole Miss CBS BAMA -4.5
2:30 #14 Stanford #9 Notre Dame NBC STAN -2.5
6:00 #15 LSU #5 Auburn ESPN AUB -7.0
6:30 Arizona State #16 USC FOX USC -13.0
7:00 #19 Nubrasskuh #10 Michigan State ABC MSU -7.0
9:30 Utah #8 UCLA ESPN UCLA -13.0

Lots of top 25 matchups for your football-viewing pleasure. As always, there will be a game thread for our beloved Wildcats, but you are all encouraged to venture back here after that game has completed.