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Kansas State vs Texas Tech: Week 6 Injury Report

Another player is seeking a medical red-shirt for Kansas State, while Tech may be down their most important player.

If this guy can play Saturday it makes the Wildcats job much harder.
If this guy can play Saturday it makes the Wildcats job much harder.
Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

While steamrolling over the University of Texas El Paso, the Wildcats did pick up a few bumps and bruises. Texas Tech meanwhile lost their starting QB to a dislocated non-throwing shoulder and it appears he may not play this Saturday. Since we have no way to know for sure, here's hoping none of the injuries Kansas State suffered against UTEP are as bad as Tech's.

Kansas State

Morgan Burns, CB

Whether Burns is still suffering from the groin injury he hurt during the Auburn or not continues to be a mystery. As you'll recall from last weeks report, Snyder said he expected Burns to play against UTEP. That did not happen, so hopefully HCBS was just giving Burns a rest, and his injury isn't worst than initially believed.

Danzel McDaniel, CB

After making a bone crushing, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.00 hit on Aaron Jones, McDaniel (a.k.a. Debo) sat out the second half with an undisclosed injury. From the hit it appears maybe he injured his shoulder, but like Dakorey Johnson, since we don't have any official word, let's just say he injured his body.

Dakorey Johnson, LB

While rumors have it that Johnson experienced a high ankle sprain, this is unconfirmed and at best could be summed up by saying he experienced an injury to his body. Here's hoping he is able to play tomorrow.

Kyle Klein, WR

We finally have confirmation that Kyle is out for the season and is seeking a medical redshirt. Snyder has confirmed that he is helping out on the defense, spending time on the sidelines during games and the UTEP game in the press-box working with the coaches. We will just have to wait until next year to see what we can expect out of little brother Klein.

Charmeachealle Moore, LB

Out for the season and hoping for a hardship medical waiver.

Cody Small, TE; A.J. Allen, OL

Nothing official yet on these two, but neither have played in any games, so until they do they will remain "injured".

Texas Tech

Davis Webb, QB

Webb dislocated his non-throwing shoulder in the fourth quarter of last weeks game against Oklahoma State, and did not return. True freshman Patrick Mahomes stepped in and played decent, but you could tell he was not entirely comfortable. This could be a huge injury if Webb is unable to go Saturday evening.

Chris Payne, LB

Payne tore his achilles tendon in Spring Practice this season, and was expected to be out until November. However, his rehab has gone better than expected and he will travel to Manhattan this weekend. While he will likely be limited to special teams, any playing time at this point of the season is great news for Payne, and the Red Raiders.

Keenon Ward, FS

Ward left last weeks game against the Cowboys with arm injury and never returned. Texas Tech's Safety coach Trey Haverty fully expects Ward to play against Kansas State, which should help improve a secondary that got torched for some deep passes against Oklahoma State.

Jalen Barnes, SS

Barnes missed the OSU game with a groin injury but is expected to play Saturday evening in Manhattan. Barnes provides much needed depth for the Red Raider secondary, as they were forced to use true freshman Derrick Dixon as the primarmy back up to starter J.J. Gaines.

Overall both teams are fairly healthy going into this game. The biggest question remaining is how badly Davis Webb hurt his shoulder and if that will impact his ability to play this coming Saturday. Either way K-State faces a team who attempted passes an average of 44 times during their first four games.