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We Own Texas

500 wins and a shutout!

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

So that was fun!

The 23-0 win extended K-State's home win streak over Texas to four, and we just won our 500th game ever. To paraphrase Bill Snyder, we're caught up to the loss total from when he first arrived in Manhattan.

The shutout is the Wildcats' first since a 45-0 win over Iowa State in Ames in 2003, and the first one at home since a 66-0 shutout of Mizzou way back in 1999.

The defense was not perfect, but stood up tall when needed. The offense played beautifully, but also with a bit of ugly thrown in. There were no real fireworks in this game, but in the end, we didn't need them anyway. Jake Waters, hurt or not, was as effective as he needed to be.

The road ahead is steep and full of pitfalls, but from now, we're still on top of the mountain.