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Bring on the Podcast with Mike TTU

Fellow SB Nation writer Mike TTU of Texas Tech tells us he's seriously concerned about K-State's option running attack and Tyler Lockett, as well as the Red Raiders' quarterback situation.

Will this guy be playing on Saturday? Probably.
Will this guy be playing on Saturday? Probably.
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

We've got another new guest on the podcast this week with Mike TTU, the recruiting writer for SB Nation's Viva the Matadors. He told us a little bit about why Texas Tech fans are willing to show a little more patience with Kliff Kingsbury, who has already landed a couple of the biggest names for next year's class and appears to be solidifying a bright future for the Red Raiders.

But most of our time was spent discussing the short-term future, which isn't so bright for Texas Tech with its run defense issues and turnover troubles on offense to go along with way too many penalties. All of that is a recipe for disaster in Manhattan, which is probably why Mike wasn't exactly optimistic about the prospects of an upset. Still, we found some common ground in analyzing the top of the Big 12, and of course laughing at that team stuck at the bottom.

You can read Mike's work at Viva The Matadors and feel free to give him a follow on Twitter at @Michael_LaB.

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