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College Football Open Thread: Week Seven

Hope you don't have plans for the rest of the day...

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Big 12

Time (CST) Away Home TV Line
2:30 #9 TCU #5 Baylor ESPN2/ABC BAY -8.0
2:30 Toledo Iowa State IAST...? ISU -3.0
3:00 #16 Oklahoma State Kansas FS1 OKST -21.0

Your eyes have no reason to leave your television set this afternoon. First of all is the TCU-Baylor game, which needs no further explanation. Oh, and there are two other top 20 matchups on at the same time. I hope your thumbs are sufficiently warmed up this morning.


Time (CST) Away Home TV Line
2:30 #2 Auburn #3 Mississippi State CBS AUB -2.5
2:30 #12 Oregon #18 UCLA FOX ORE -2.5
5:00 #7 Alabama Arkansas ESPN BAMA -9.0
8:00 #3 Ole Miss #14 Texas A&M ESPN TXAM -2.5
9:30 USC #10 Arizona ESPN2 USC -3.0
5:00 Washington Cal PAC12N CAL -3.5

I apologize for the disjointed-ness of the charts. If there are any errors, I blame the iPhones.

Anyway, there are plenty of quality contests to choose from this afternoon/evening, so make sure you take full advantage for those poor souls who will not be able to watch.