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Bring on the Podcast with Sam Mellinger

KC Star columnist Sam Mellinger joins Ahearn Alley to talk about what K-State's win over OSU means for March and break down Saturday's matchup in Lawrence.

This is where Kansas State basketball nightmares happen.
This is where Kansas State basketball nightmares happen.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State and Kansas are going at it again Saturday in Lawrence, so we brought on someone who writes about both of them to talk about it in this week's podcast. KC Star columnist Sam Mellinger has been just as impressed as we have with K-State's improvement and the big win over OSU, but he also reminds us why the 'Cats will face a monumental challenge against the young talent Bill Self has assembled this season. Stick around to the end and you'll be rewarded with a little football talk.

Note: Please don't leave complaints in the comments about how terrible the audio is. We already know. This was our only option because of some unfortunate circumstances Mellinger outlined in his Twitter Tuesday post. Still, we felt it would be better to bring you a podcast with crappy audio than no podcast at all, and Mellinger was incredibly patient as we worked through some technology errors on our end to make this happen. If you're on Twitter and somehow haven't done it already, give @mellinger a follow as a way to say thanks.

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