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K-State Slate: 1.7.14

Florida State is the final BCS champion, and the Cats prepare to take on their purple brethren in Fort Worth.

The  streak is over.
The streak is over.
Harry How

Man. What a game last night, eh? And for all the crap we give ESPN, the Megacast was fantastic coverage. If you didn't catch the Film Room version, be sure to set your DVR to record it off ESPNU today, or catch it on ESPN3. You know, if you get it. (Insert my usual rant here.)

One thought that is just blowing my mind: Florida State allowed only 170 points on the season, and over one-sixth of those points were scored last night. Only Louisville (158) allowed fewer, and Louisville played one fewer game; Florida State had the lowest points allowed per game in FBS. They also scored 723 points, which was more than anyone else in FBS; only two other teams -- Ohio State and Baylor -- even cracked the 600-point barrier. The Seminoles scored 51.6 points per game, second only to Baylor (52.38).

Straight up, that's domination.

Taking Care of Business:

Congratulations to the winner of BotC's Bowl Pick 'Em contest, "Barney's Pick Set".

Also, congratulations to... ME, for winning FEPO. But also let's give Ahearn a well-deserved round of applause for making a spirited comeback late in the season and actually catching me before I got my act together over the final week. In the final block of games, I went 4-3 while Ahearn went 3-4, leaving Ahearn at 93-78-7 (54.2%) and me at 96-75-7 (55.9%). Three games of separation after 178 picks is really just about a dead heat, so Ahearn's got nothing to be ashamed of. I can't speak for him (though I'm pretty sure I am based on our exchanges over the season), but I had a lot of fun bringing you this new feature over the season, and I hope we can continue the fun next fall.


The final polls are out; K-State checked in at #34 in the final AP poll (8 votes) and #31 in the final coaches' poll (11 votes).

Nothing else specific to K-State yet again; it's a quiet start to the off-season. Of course, some other stuff did happen: namely, Mark Mangino being hired by Iowa State as their new offensive coordinator.

The Star's Blair Kerkhoff reviews the year in college football.


K-State moves into the AP poll at #25. The coaches, on the other hand, pretty much dropped trou and mooned the Cats.

A rare story about the Wildcats from a non-local local paper with no pressing current local angle to explore: Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune writes about K-State's rebound from their rocky start. (Yes, I know, they pay attention to Bruce Weber in Chicago, but there wasn't any particular reason for the Trib to do so yesterday.)

Michael Beasley's contract with the Heat becomes guaranteed unless they fire him by 5pm this afternoon.

Jevon Thomas is meshing with the program quickly, writes Kellis Robinett.

Hardware for Marcus Foster: he's been named Big 12 Newcomer of the Week.

Previews of tonight's game in Fort Worth: The Star, Ken Corbitt at the C-J,, Stefan Stevenson at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and the athletic department's own preview.