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K-State Slate: 1.6.14

Our long dark winter is about to descend, with only Weberball and Batcats to keep us warm.

It's almost time.
It's almost time.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was a good weekend, as long as you've already filed for divorce from the NFL. But we won't concern ourselves with that; that's Arrowhead Pride's problem.

Previously on BotC: The defending champions are in first place.

Previously not on BotC: The other defending champions aren't.


Not a peep.


Lots of game stories from the big upset Saturday: the AP story courtesy of FOX Sports, John Helsey of the Oklahoman, Kelly Hines of the Tulsa World, Kelly McHugh at K-State Sports Extra, the official K-State Athletics recap, Ken Corbitt of the Cap-Journal, and Kellis Robinett of the Star.

Other post-game reactions: Robinett's notebook, and his blog entry.

From Corbitt: Another big step for the freshmen.

Also from the Cee Jay, Eric Smith digs into Nino Williams and his success against the Pokes.

SI bags on Marcus Smart, basically saying he cost his team the game. Video included.

Star poll: who's going to win the title in this crazy shootout of a season?

And then we had this...

Looking ahead, TCU's athletic site previews tomorrow's game.

The women, on the other hand... not doing so hot. The department writeup of the 67-53 loss at Texas, and the C-J's brief story.

Of course, it was a bad day for Kansas City all around as far as women's hoops goes.


The Cats are ranked at #55 in the first spring ITA rankings, with Petra Miedermayerova ranked at #42 in national women's singles, and ranked #3 in the Central Region. The team kicks off 2014 on January 24-25 in Athens, GA; they'll face Arkansas on the 24th and either Georgia or Elon on the 25th.


K-State, KU, and Washburn are all teaming up... to get our damn money back from the legislature.

The demise of the Ogallala Aquifer.


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