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K-State Slate: I.III.XIV

As the editor is missing the intern runs wild finding not many articles on sports but many articles on other items. And for those of you lurking now is the time to begin your campaign to unseat j. tarkman from his commenting crown. The natives are mostly friendly, so join us in making this the best site for K-State news and discussion.

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Lady Cats lose to the Lady Bears.

So far no articles for the game(s) tomorrow, post if you find one.

Data nerds will eventually rule your sport.


Who thought OU could beat 'bama?  The mother ship report on the land thieves beating the red menace.   Since the land thieves beat 'bama, the narrative is that OU has somehow validated their program and they are now a national program again.  Most of these articles are short-changing the Big XII and the strength of the conference. OU players collapse tv stage.  Is 15 minutes of fame worth it?

Several Cats are still playing in the contractual football league.


Think you are smart?  Then you need to try the King William's College yearly quiz.  Average score for the students taking it when it was compulsory and timed, 2.  Or you can take the Telegraph's quiz, which is not as difficult.  Not sure why the UK feels the need to have end of the year quizzes.

Think I'm making this variation of green bean casserole next week, what could go wrong with cheese and a slow cooker? I think the nutrition facts indicate that this is really good for you.

Help search the internet for time travelers.

I keep thinking that MHK needs an elevated rail system, or even better a high speed rail line from NE KS to old western KS (Denver); but not sure how to raise funds for either venture.  Maybe I need to market it like the idea for an elevated cycling path in London.

Scientists cast doubt on Heisenberg uncertainty principle.

At least one person thinks cameras will disappear.

Form habits not resolutions to achieve results.  My new habit is not going down the candy aisle at the store.