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K-State Slate: 1.29.14

An important, if not "big", win... and a stupid arrest.

Ever notice the aisles always look like they're full of dry ice in these photos?
Ever notice the aisles always look like they're full of dry ice in these photos?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The figurative magic number is down to four, as the Cats picked up win number five last night. With three games remaining against the bottom three teams in the league plus two shots at suddenly hapless and incompetent Baylor, I think we're probably safe in assuming the 'Cats will get there. Indeed, although Baylor is probably on the way to costing the conference seven bids, they're doing a fantastic job of protecting the other bubble teams now by simply getting out of their way.


Well, damnit, looks like D'Vonta Derricott done went and got himself arrested for possession last week. No word on how this will impact his commitment... from Vanier, because under NCAA rules they can't comment. D'Vonta, on the other hand, insists he'll be inking his NLI on Wednesday.

Over at SI's Campus Union, Martin Rickman -- former SB Nation colleague over at Wake Forest's Blogger So Dear -- offers a Big 12 signing day primer.

Men's Basketball:

The student section came at Texas Tech fully armed last night:

Your recap roundup:

Post-game analysis comes courtesy of Robinett's notebook, the Cap-Journal's Corbin McGuire, and John Zetmeir at the Collegian.

Women's Basketball:

Not much to report ahead of tonight's game, but here's Oklahoma's official preview. (I gotta tell you, I admire their official site design.)


No, K-State does not have varsity rodeo. They do, however, have a club team, and this weekend they're going to get a funding injection courtesy of the K-State Invitational Bull Bash at Weber Arena at 7pm on both Friday and Saturday nights. They've got commitments from 30 bull riders, including some high-ranking collegians as well as professionals. It's a bit spendy unless you're really into rodeo, with advance tickets at $15 ($10 for military, enrolled students, and kids); $20/$15 at the gate. After the festivities on both nights, there'll be rowdy post-gaming at RC McGraws.