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K-State Slate: 1.23.14

Starting the game down 10-0 and ending the first half giving up a 29-0 run... is not the way to do things.

Chantay Caron (11) is one of 46 'Cats to pull a 4.0 in Spring 2013.
Chantay Caron (11) is one of 46 'Cats to pull a 4.0 in Spring 2013.

For those of you who use Fancred (if you aren't, it's a pretty nifty social media app where people are actually nice to one another), we're pleased to announce that Bring on the Cats is one of the very first team fansite accounts to be certified by the service. Be sure to add our page if you're a user, or if you sign up.

Previously on BotC: Ahearn and Derek hooked up with WRNL's cylentbutdeadly for this week's Bring on the Podcast.


Not really just "football", per se, but pretty much everything discussed is, in fact, directly connected to BSFS. John Currie is pushing for even more upgrades in the same breath as thanking donors for the ones they've already funded.

Men's Basketball:

FOX was all over us in one fashion or another yesterday. The 'Cats aren't in Ken Davis's power rankings, but he's gushing over the Big 12 and thinks seven teams are going dancing when it's all over.

Two items from Sean Keeler: Could the state of Kansas pull two 1-seeds? This one is a must-read, as Sean drops some knowledge bombs. In his other piece, he notes that the Wildcats can't let Texas beat them twice this week. Cliche or not, it's truth.

Ken Corbitt has some further reflections on Tuesday's loss.

Women's Basketball:

Recap city - Jason's recap accurately captures, in mimimalist overtones, the gloomy sense of resignation last night engendered. You can also check out the Star's AP recap, or try and digest the words of someone who's presumably a lot more satisfied with last night's outcome by reading the Waco Tribune's recap by Jason Orts.


The Big 12 honored 260 K-State student-athletes in the Fall 2013 Big 12 Honor Roll, which recognizes all Big 12 athletes who maintain a 3.0 GPA for the prior semester (that being Spring 2013 in this case). 46 of those Wildcats pulled 4.0s. The football team placed 51 players on the honor roll; they were beaten by -- get this -- the rowing team, with a mind-boggling 63. (I'm surprised they've even GOT 63 rowers.)

As far as players who see a lot of action, the baseball team hit the 4.0 bell the hardest; the most notable Wildcats with perfect GPAs were Glenn Gronkowski (FB), Ross Kivett, Levi MaVorhis, Lance Miles, and R.J. Santigate (BSB), Lilla Porubek, Taylor Johnson, and Kersten Kober (WVB), and Chantay Caron (WBB). Although no men's basketball players achieved the 4.0, half the squad did make the honor roll with 3.0 or better GPAs.

It's the twelfth consecutive semester in which the program has had over 200 honorees, but the 260 honored in this semester's list is a record under John Currie.

Tomorrow: The intern has you covered.