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BotC's 2013 "Don't You Have Work to Do?" Awards

You people need to settle down. (No, really, don't.)

EMAW, indeed.
EMAW, indeed.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to the folks at the mothership, we're able to offer a special treat today. Presented for your approval -- well, no, wait. It doesn't matter whether you approve or not, because it's just the way it is. Anyway, here are the top ten commenters on BotC in 2013:

10: EveryCatAWildman (3048)

ECAW is always ready with an interesting take, and also is my only potential rival in the "knowing stuff about non-D1 programs". He's very prolific, and the fact that he's 10th on this list, well...

9. Catbacker98 (3177)

I'm a little surprised by this, as C98 doesn't seem to be quite that talkative. But here we are.

8. 2.1 seconds left (3343)

Talk about riding the enemy's coattails. Sheesh.

7. Jon Morse (4426)

That's right, I'm only in seventh place. My god, what sort of lunatics are in places 1-6?

6. Anon_the_younger (4538)

Oh, of course the intern has to try to upstage management. Well, he didn't quite get there because...

5. TB (4869)

Doesn't have time my ass. Hrmph.

4. Furnace76 (4949)

Obviously, we need more crazy stuff to happen in 2014, because Furnace came up just short of 5000.

3. Sean T (4952)

So did Sean, and honestly I'm surprised. I expected him to win this thing.

2. wildcat00 (5256)

But he didn't even come within 300 comments of our leading lady. Of course, even she paled in comparison to our champion.

The winner of the 2013 Bring on the Cats "Don't You Have Work to Do?" Award, with an astounding 6137 comments over the course of the year is...


The one, the only, jtarkman.

Tarkus, we hope you enjoy your reign as top blabbermouth. Your trophy, which you'll have to go pay for yourself, is an empty Route 44 slushy cup from Sonic. Display it proudly.