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K-State Slate: 1.16.14

It's time to resurrect the slow Wednewsday gag, because not much happened yesterday.

Just drainin' frees.
Just drainin' frees.
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Very little to bring to your attention this morning, so you'll have to comment more to make up for the time you're not wasting clicking links. Heck, we didn't even post anything yesterday.


The Wildcats do, in fact, make an appearance or two on David Ubben's list of the ten best Big 12 games of 2013.

At ESPN's Big 12 Blog, Jake Trotter wraps up the 2013 Wildcat season.

The Board of Regents authorized K-State to spend $62M of its own privately-raised money on the projects for which that money was specifically raised, which I gotta say is mighty magnanimous of them. (To be fair, all they were doing was rubber-stamping it.) There's still no timetable on the work, which includes a complete remodel of the north end of the stadium (including Vanier) and brand new video boards for BSFS, Bramlage, and -- honestly, this is the big one, since they don't even have one there yet -- Tointon.


Kellis Robinett hands out some grades on Tuesday's performance. Although I don't disagree with his grade for Nigel Johnson, his overall sense of Nigel's place in things seems a bit harsh. The big props, however, went to Shane Southwell, Nino Williams, and Wesley Iwundu... and rightly so.

Speaking of Nino, it's a little gratifying to see that I was on the money calling him out as the team's unsung hero the other night. And now Ken Corbitt is writing about how Nino saved the day with Thomas Gipson struggling.

NBC's Rob Dausler offers high praise indeed, calling K-State the most surprising team in the country. Dausler notes a surprising statistic from Ken Pomeroy: even including the blowout losses to Georgetown and Kansas, K-State is a top-15 team defensively.

Okay, monsters, that's it. I am now unofficially on vacation until Monday. (I'll still be posting a few things, but with one exception -- a Saturday recap of tomorrow's Wildcat Invitational -- they're already sort of finished.) Tomorrow, I leave you to the tender mercies of the intern, since he claims he can actually connect to the interwebs on Friday mornings. I'm suspicious, since there's no electricity in Rajneeshpuram or wherever it is he's hiding.