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Open Game Thread: K-State vs Kansas

Time to get serious now. The Wildcats enter the unfriendly confines of The Phog with massive implications hovering.

Must. Be. Stopped. No quarter.
Must. Be. Stopped. No quarter.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Who: #25/arv K-State (12-3/2-0) vs. #18/20 Kansas Jayhawks (10-4/1-0)

When: January 11, 2014 | 1:00 p.m. CT

Where: Lawrence, Kan. | Allen Fieldhouse (16,300)

Media: 1350 KMAN | ESPN

Now that we're in full swing getting previews up before gametime, we can just direct you to those posts rather than previewing the game here. This, after all, is you open game thread, not the great American novel. So if you need to catch up, pop these links open in a new tab, and then wander back here to vent, scream, cry, and otherwise express your feelings. (What? Cheer? Exult? Are we allowed to do that today?)

Jon: Game time, media info, odds, facts & figures

Ahearn: How Good is Marcus Foster?

TB: Q&A with Rock Chalk Talk, and TB's answers to their questions as well

Curtis: Big 12 power rankings heading into the contest.

It's time. Let's shake that monkey off our collective backs. Go Cats!