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BOTC Partners with The Granfalloon in KC for... WATCH PARTIES

We told you there was more big news, and we weren't kidding.

Your new home in KC to watch the Cats!
Your new home in KC to watch the Cats!

As Curtis Kitchen has been reminding you all, there were TWO huge pieces of news this week. Unfortunately, he's somewhere out on I-70 and can't deliver that second piece of news himself, so he's turned it over to me.

Bring on the Cats is proud to announce that it has reached an agreement with The Granfalloon Restaurant & Bar, located in Kansas City's beautiful Country Club Plaza district, to host watch parties for Kansas State football games this fall. The Granfallon, a Plaza mainstay since the mid-70s, is a fabulous location with a great menu including burgers and wings, but also wonderful specialties.

We're excited to join with the Granfalloon to offer you, the Bring on the Cats community, this fantastic outlet. Kansas City area folks, or those able to make a short day trip, are cordially invited -- urged, even -- to make the Granfalloon your home away from home and join your fellow BOTCers (when you can't attend the game in person, of course). We'll want to have a sizable turnout for these events, so tell your friends -- even if they're not members of the BotC community -- and help get the word out. We want to turn the Granfalloon into a sea of purple on game days and make it Kansas City's Wildcat Headquarters.

The fun starts next week, Saturday, August 30, as the Granfalloon hosts us for the season's opening game against Stephen F. Austin, with big screen coverage provided via A contingent of BotC staffers -- including Curtis Kitchen and Tye Burger, one of whom should be on hand for every game -- will be in attendance for the debut event.

Oh yeah, I'll be there next weekend, too.

The Granfalloon is located at 608 Ward Parkway, on the north side of Brush Creek between Jefferson and Pennsylvania. There's plenty of free parking all around the Plaza, including two free parking garages. Come out and join us, help cheer on the Cats, and most importantly have a great time with your fellow fans!