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Baylor 38, Kansas State 27 - Next, the Alamo.

Today was the worst.

He wasn't THE star, but he sure deserves a virtual helmet sticker.
He wasn't THE star, but he sure deserves a virtual helmet sticker.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State suffered through the worst basketball game ever.

Then they suffered through the end of the regular season, absorbing a fairly noxious loss in Waco at the hands of the Baylor Bears.

In the final analysis, the only positive event of the entire day was one which, at the time it happened, was a negative: Oklahoma's loss to Oklahoma State. However, what that loss means now is that K-State is almost certainly bound for the Alamo Bowl, as a 9-3 K-State team which defeated an 8-4 Oklahoma squad will surely be selected first.

And we can spend the next 24 hours listening to other schools argue about something they have no control over.

Four things:

Tyler Lockett now holds all the records

A fourth-quarter fade from the 8-yard line gave Tyler Lockett sole possession of the all-time Kansas State touchdown receptions record. Unfortunately, another receiving record didn't happen; Curry Sexton only caught two passes for 15 yards, leaving him 45 yards shy of 1000.

Jake Waters now holds a record, too

Jake Waters surpassed Michael Bishop's season record for total yardage. He's now accounted for 3,634 yards on the year, breaking Bishop's record of 3,592 set in 1998.

K-State has a tight end!

Waters hit Zach Trujillo three times for 88 yards, and one of those three catches was for short yardage. The other two were for 36 and 48, which was pretty devastating. But not as devastating as...

Speed kills

I mean, that's pretty self-explanatory. In this case, we're not necessarily talking about sheer foot speed, though. Bryce Petty's ability to get rid of the football so fast is just amazing. That's something defensive coaches -- not just ours, everywhere -- are going to have to figure out how to counter somehow. You can't play soft against Bryce Petty or any other quarterback with that ability; they will devastate you.

Ultimately, this team performed precisely how we expected them to six months ago. They went 9-3 in the regular season. The only difference is that K-State beat Oklahoma but lost to TCU. They can still finish the season in the top 10, probably, with a bowl win. It's not a failure of a campaign, and if we're looking for a silver lining in tonight's result, at least K-State showed up, which is more than we can say for Wisconsin.

But it sure feels bitter tonight.

Join us tomorrow, when we'll announce the official bowl destination and maybe start dissecting K-State's opponent -- quite possibly Arizona, maybe Arizona State or UCLA.