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Halftime: Baylor 24, Kansas State 14, Justice 0

We don't normally complain about the officiating, but.

We were hard on you, Dylan, but we still love you. Get well soon.
We were hard on you, Dylan, but we still love you. Get well soon.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It could be worse.

Baylor torched Kansas State in the first quarter, and things looked irreparably bleak. But the Wildcats did outscore the Bears in the second stanza, barely, and only trail by ten heading into the locker room.

The first major key to the game so far was a horrific injury to safety Dylan Schellenberg, whose career is now almost certainly over after what appears to be a fibula-tibia break suffered during a goal line stand which ended up not standing -- but was still impressive, as Baylor was stopped twice from the one-yard line before scoring.

The other is a bunch of guys wearing striped shirts who, quite frankly, are incompetent. K-State was robbed of a drive-extending first down on their first possession when a clear and indisputable defensive hold and facemask went completely unnoticed; they were robbed of a turnover prior to Baylor's second score when Danzel McDaniel, who had clearly re-established himself in bounds, was ruled to be out of bounds when he picked up a Baylor fumble. And then there was a holding call on the subsequent drive which even the broadcast team couldn't believe had been called -- that never happens, as broadcast teams universally understand that there's probably holding on every play.

But despite all that, the Wildcats are still in this game, and get the ball to start the second half. So buckle in and get ready; if the coaching staff can make the proper adjustments, this could be a game.

Curry Sexton update: Sexton has two catches for 15 yards; he is now 45 yards short of 1000, which would make him and Lockett the first K-State receiving duo to both reach that milestone in a single season.