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Second Half Thread: TCU 17, Kansas State 7

Meanwhile, Jon starts making friends with the Russell Athletic Bowl Twitter guy.

Why are you smiling, Bill? STOP THAT.
Why are you smiling, Bill? STOP THAT.
Cooper Neill

Well, that was thirty minutes of a whole bunch of nothing going right.

It could be worse. TCU has only managed to score 17 points despite seeming to move the ball at will and having a massive advantage in field position. But if not for a beautiful 70-yard pass from Jake Waters to Tyler Lockett, it'd be a whitewash.

And then there was the 91-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Tyler Lockett in the final minute of the half, called back due to a hold on Stanton Weber; that preceded three straight incompletions to essentially end the half. K-State's actually been penalized three times as often as TCU, including a play where the Wildcats were called for two fouls, both of which were dubious.

On the bright side, K-State has committed no turnovers. However, one key to this game was always going to be getting TCU to commit some, and they haven't either.

Catfans, you're going to have to hope that the legendary halftime adjustments favor K-State as usual, or it's all going down the drain. But hey, the 'Cats have never been to a bowl in Florida before, right?