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Final: Kansas State 51, Kansas 13 - Three Things We Learned

The Wildcats crushed the Genetically Modified Chickens under their clawed heels without breaking a sweat.

And now: Baylor.
And now: Baylor.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, that was fun, wasn't it?

We broke down most of the relevant information in the first half thread, since that's when most of the relevant things happened. Jake Waters departed having gone 21-27 for 294, tying his career high with four touchdown passes after connecting with Curry Sexton and Charles Jones in the third quarter.

Once again, K-State had no 100-yard rusher... but managed 173 yards on the ground anyway because Kansas. Sexton and Tyler Lockett, who we'll remind you is now alone at the top of K-State's all-time receptions and receiving yards lists, and now tied with his father for the all-time touchdown lead, each had nine catches; Sexton for 141 yards and a score, Lockett for 119 and two. Sexton now has 940 receiving yards, putting the duo well within range of becoming K-State's first-ever pair of 1000-yard receivers.

And Zach Nemecheck actually got a carry in garbage time. Hee.

What we learned:

1. Kansas still can't play defense.

The Wildcats were approacing 500 yards of offense before finally throwing the bus in neutral and letting the twos and threes play. Receivers were open all day, runners found holes, and the Wildcats simply had their way with Kansas.

2. That Lockett kid is pretty good.

I mean, what more can we say? Lockett's 44-yard TD reception was another patented double-move. He was open all day long, and the only reason he didn't haul in over a dozen passes is because Sexton was open all day too.

3. Jack Cantele's demons have been exorcised.

Cantele came on to kick the extra point after K-State's second touchdown of the third quarter, and then finished the scoring with a 39-yarder with under five minutes to go. After the disaster that doomed K-State in the Auburn game, it was thrilling to see Cantele get to come out and join in the rout of that school down the river. Was it redemption? Well, probably not. But it was a necessary confidence-booster for someone the Wildcats may still need.

Hopefully we'll have more from TB later in the weekend, but for now, while you also discuss this evening's action (including the Iron Bowl, which will be huge no matter how you feel about it), celebrate rubbing Most Hated Enemy's nose in it for a sixth consecutive time, and remember that they haven't come into the Bill and beaten Bill Snyder since before 1989.

That's a long time, right?