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Second Half Thread: Kansas State leads Oklahoma State 21-7

It wasn't the prettiest half, but it was super effective.

Wildcat, Wildcat.
Wildcat, Wildcat.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Things got off to a scary start, with Oklahoma State driving effortlessly down the field on the opening drive to take a 7-0 lead. But Morgan Burns -- after dropping the kickoff initially -- found a seam and raced to paydirt to tie it right back up, and it's pretty much been all Kansas State since. The 'Cats take a 21-7 advantage into the locker room, and after that initial drive they've done a fairly decent job of neutralizing Tyreek Hill.

Charles Jones (off a direct snap, as per usual) and Curry Sexton have K-State's two offensive touchdowns.

Penalties and turnovers are the key so far. Daxx Garman threw two interceptions, one on fourth down deep in K-State territory and another on a hail mary on the final play of the half. Oklahoma State's been dinged four times for 50 yards, including a roughing the passer call which wiped out what would have been Jake Waters' first interception since the Auburn game. The Cowboys have outgained K-State by 70 yards, and actually have a five-minute edge in time of possession.

Another notable factor: Oklahoma State's offensive line is being bullied by the Wildcat front four. Almost every run into the line gets drowned immediately unless the runner bounces outside, and the 'Cats have gotten good pressure on Garman; Travis Britz has two sacks and he also fumbled under pressure in another instance (but Oklahoma State recovered).

This is your second-half thread. Let's hope it's K-State that makes the proper adjustments at halftime.