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Kansas State vs Oklahoma State: Week 9 Injury Report

Kansas State has been lucky this season by avoiding the major injury bug. Oklahoma State however, lost their starting QB early in the season and since then they have been trying to pick up the pieces.

J.W. Walsh's season ending injury has really hurt OSU's Big 12 title chances.
J.W. Walsh's season ending injury has really hurt OSU's Big 12 title chances.
Tom Pennington

As the Wildcats keep working through the schedule, the few injuries we have gleaned along the way haven't proven too difficult to overcome. OSU saw their chances explode pretty early before anyone had a true idea of who they were this season, and while nothing too serious has come along, they are feeling the loss of their starting quarterback.

Kansas State

Jake Waters, QB

While there were a few moments during the Texas game, Jake was able to come out and perform admirably. The playcalling did seem to suggest they were trying to protect him somewhat, but overall it was successful. Either way, Kansas State shouldn't worry too much about Jake being limited in the Oklahoma State game.

Kyle Klein, WR

The news here hasn't changed, Klein is sitting out this season with a medical red-shirt.

Charmeachealle Moore, LB

Out for the season and hoping for a hardship medical waiver.

Travis Green, S

Travis Green underwent a scope on his right knee according to a twitter post he made on October 9th and is out indefinitely.

Dakorey Johnson, LB

Johnson has played off and on since an ankle injury in the UTEP game forced him to miss the second half. Last week, against Texas, Johnson suited up for the game but did not play after re-aggravating the ankle injury in the game against Oklahoma. If Johnson does play expect him to split time with Will Davis.

Cody Small, TE

The magic 8 ball still has no answers.

Oklahoma State

J.W. Walsh, QB

Out for the season after undergoing surgery to repair some soft tissue damage. This was a devastating blow for the Cowboys as they (and me) were expecting a high performance out of their starting quarterback this year.

Ashton Lampkin, CB

Ashton is listed as questionable for the game this week with an ankle injury.

Larry Stephens, S

With an achilles injury, Larry is also questionable for Saturday's match-up.

Jhajuan Seales, WR

After experiencing some legal issues earlier this season, Jhajuan is now listed as probable for Saturday's game.

Juwan Offray, DB

On the other hand, Juwan has been dismissed from the team due to his legal issues.

Not that the road has been easy, but Kansas State appears to be coming out decently on the injury front. There have been some scares along the way, but for the most part nothing has been too brutal (which is good, because my heart is breaking more and more with each new Thunder injury that comes to light). The Wildcats schedule also has, to date, been pretty great about giving our guys the time they need to heal. Let's hope the trend continues.