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Kansas State is ranked 9th in the first College Football Playoff

Kansas State breaks into the Top 10, and somehow Ole Miss is ranked fourth after losing to LSU last week.

Kansas State is number 9 in the first CFP poll
Kansas State is number 9 in the first CFP poll
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The very first college playoffs poll is out and the infighting begins.

First, let's start with where Kansas State landed and what that means. Coming in at number 9, the second Big 12 team in the polls, our beloved Wildcats are walking a very fine line. Within striking distance of the Top 4, run the table and the Cats are sitting pretty. Most of the teams currently ranked above them have to play each other and in doing so will result in them falling out of contention. However, Kansas State is just low enough that any loss will pretty much knock them down too far to be able to climb back up in time for the last poll of the season. With a strong schedule ahead of them, Kansas State holds their destiny in their own paws right now.

The other Big 12 team in the Top 10 of this new poll, TCU came in at 7 which doesn't quite make sense when you consider common wins and the single losses separating the Horned Frogs from the Wildcats. After all, Kansas State went in to Norman and triumphed and definitely held their own against Auburn (ranked at 3 in this poll) while the Frogs went to Waco and came away empty-handed. They also beat OU, but they did it on their own stomping grounds. But they did hang 68 points on Texas Tech in the second half for their firework depleting blowout. TCU doesn't quite have the schedule ahead of them that Kansas State does, but they do have the opportunity to defend their position when the Cats come to town.

Oklahoma managed to make the polls even with two losses at 18, but those losses were against TCU and Kansas State. West Virginia also is representing the Big 12 with their #20 ranking.

There is lots of contention about whether Ole Miss should be ranked at 4 and Notre Dame appears to be benefiting from their brand debuting at 10 after not playing anyone except for that loss against Florida State. Poor Marshall couldn't even get a nod even though they are undefeated. It's tough not being in the Power 5.

Overall, the biggest thing to take away from today's revealing is this: it is still very early in the season, and there is still room for a lot of movement. Oh, and if Kansas State wins out there is no reason to believe they won't be in the inaugural College Football Playoff.

College Football Playoff Poll
1 Mississippi State Bulldogs N/A
2 Florida State Seminoles N/A
3 Auburn Tigers N/A
4 Mississippi Rebels N/A
5 Oregon Ducks N/A
6 Alabama Crimson Tide N/A
7 Texas Christian Horned Frogs N/A
8 Michigan State Spartans N/A
9 Kansas State Wildcats N/A
10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish N/A
11 Georgia Bulldogs N/A
12 Arizona Wildcats N/A
13 Baylor Bears N/A
14 Arizona State Sun Devils N/A
15 Nebraska Cornhuskers N/A
16 Ohio State Buckeyes N/A
17 Utah Utes N/A
18 Oklahoma Sooners N/A
19 Louisiana State Tigers N/A
20 West Virginia Mountaineers N/A
21 Clemson Tigers N/A
22 University of California Los Angeles Bruins N/A
23 East Carolina Pirates N/A
24 Duke Blue Devils N/A
25 Louisville Cardinals N/A