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Postgame Recap: Kansas State 50-Bradley Braves 47

If the ugliest game in recent Kansas State history was only available to watch on ESPN 3, did it actually happen?

A wins a win right?
A wins a win right?
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ugly doesn't begin to describe how awful this basketball game was to watch. We all complain about how terrible B1G basketball is to watch but tonight's game was much worse. So, rather than ramble on about how awful it was here are a few tweets I noticed that do a nice job of summarizing just how futile it was to try and score during the first 20 minutes.

First Half:

We start with Ken Corbitt:

It didn't get much better:

And this to end the half:

And a perfect summary of the first half from our recently departed editor/writer Derek Smith:

Oh, I almost forgot this (sad) little nugget from Kellis:

Really that's how bad it was in the first half, if you didn't watch or listen count yourself lucky.

Second Half:

We played ever so slightly better in the second half, as the team found some offensive rythymn and did just enough to hold off a bad Bradley Braves team 50-47. At 4-4 a win is a win, and had the 'Cats dropped this one it would have been very hard to recover and make the tournament.

TheBigE's Keys to the Game:

Complete Game-Not so much tonight. Look, I'm not going to criticize the players individually, but I will say this: There was ZERO effort tonight from Kansas State to start the game. And all the blame falls squarely at the feet of HC Bruce Weber. This team has talent. They showed that by playing a very good Arizona team to within four points during their trip to Maui. Weber's message is not reaching the players and he has to find someway to reach these guys. He was able to do it last year when Kansas State rattled off an undefeated December, and he needs his team to find some motivation now or the Big 12 round robing will eat this team alive and leave them for dead. This team is too talented to not make the Tournament, but after tonight's game I am officially concerned that this team will not get there. Especially if they put forth the effort they did tonight.

We bring on Derek Smith again to close us out:

Thanks for making us laugh tonight, Derek. It helped take the edge off.