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2014-15 K-State Men's Basketball

K-State embarks on their 111th season of men's basketball as they try to climb to the top of the Big 12 and seek a sixth straight trip to the NCAA tournament.

He Speaks.

After turning down many requests for interviews following huge roster turnover, Kansas State men's basketball coach finally spoke Wednesday afternoon.

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Kansas State loses another player

Today, Nigel Johnson announced via twitter that he is leaving the men's basketball program. That's four players from last years team who will not be returning, as Justin Edwards will be the lone returning guard for the 2015-16 season. (h/t Powercat Boiler) Not including this years signings the current basketball staff have signed 13 players. Of those 13, seven have either not made the team, transferred of have been dismissed (h/t Adam Suderman, @adamsuderman on twitter) This is not a move in the right direction for the Men's program. Everyone better buckle up for next season. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Bring on the Podcast with Joel Jellison

The Manhattan Mercury's basketball beat writer returns to give us an inside look at all the issues for Kansas State basketball this season and heading into 2015-16. Do not listen if you are depressed.

Weber vs Foster: No Winners Here

The fanbase is missing the forest for the trees.

Shaking up the program.

Harris? Gone. Thomas? Gone. Foster? Yep, he's gone too.

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Foster Gone!

We knew about Jevon and Tre. We didn't know about Marcus Foster. Kansas State announced tonight that Marcus Foster has been dismissed from the team. Stay tuned to Bring on the Cats for reaction and more updates.

Big 12 Roundtable: NCAA Tourney Edition

The Big 12 SBN Bloggers get together for a little "whaddya think" on the eve of the tournament.

Bring On The Cats Official Tournament Challenge

Time to see who can pick the best bracket, or who can randomly guess the best.


You know who else did that? Nobody, that's who.

Champs Saturday/Big 12 Final - How to Watch & more

This is the biggest day of the year in which teams can still lose games and survive.

Big 12 Quarterfinals: How to Watch and more

Thursday night provided the one surprise nobody expected: chalk.

Men's Hoops Recap - K-State 65, TCU 67

The team exits in the first round of the Big 12 tourney for the first time in several years.

Big 12 Quarterfinals: How to Watch and more

We all get to sit and watch. Including the team. Whee.

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Wesley Iwundu: "A lot of distractions"

Wesley Iwundu seems awfully frustrated in these post-game comments following K-State's loss to TCU in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament. Iwundu was obviously being careful not to single anyone out, going so far as to partially dodge a direct question about Marcus Foster. But it's clear from his tone that Iwundu -- who, it should be noted, got through the season without any suggestion that he was the source of any problems -- is unhappy about the lack of focus the team displayed over the past five months. YouTube video, via the Kansas City Star.

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Marcus Foster accepts the blame

I" don't ever want to feel like that again." Marcus Foster speaks during post-game following K-State's loss to TCU in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament. The money shot here is that Foster attributes the team's problems to not putting in gym time, and admits that he's mostly talking about himself. One might infer that he's specifically talking about extra time as opposed to working hard in practice, although that may not be what Foster was implying. YouTube video, via the Kansas City Star.

Open Game Thread: First Round - K-State vs TCU

The Angriest Fans in America need the Angriest Team in America to show up tonight.

Men's Hoops Q&A - Big 12 Tourney Edition

We kick off the first round of the Big 12 tourney with a little Q&A sesh with Frogs O' War.

This stream has:

2015 Big 12 Tournament

Who will grab the best league in the land's automatic bid?

Big 12 Round One: How to Watch and More

The Wildcats' final desperate stand begins here.

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K-State's Men's Basketball is worse than...

Leading into post-season play, I wanted to take a look at the RPI rankings and get a lay of the landscape. Here are some names that are supposedly "better" (and some much better) than our Wildcats: - Buffalo - Wofford - Iona - Louisiana Tech - Yale - UC Davis - Illinois State - Georgia State - St. Mary's - Central Michigan - Toledo - UC Santa Barbara When I look at the list above, you can't convince me that we would lose, more often than not, to any of the teams above on a neutral floor. I just don't see it happening. Some of these teams haven't played more than just a couple games against top-100 competition, where we have eight WINS against opponents ranked 55 or higher. Discuss below. What do you think? Is this a case where the ranking paradigm truly breaks down?

Foster's Back, and Mueller's Moving.

Marcus Foster pronounces his game is back, while Ryan Mueller is moving to outside linebacker.

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Marcus Foster Returning to Kansas State

Bruce Weber lifted the media ban on Marcus Foster today, and during his first interview since his suspension earlier this season, Foster announced he intended to return to Kansas State for his junior and senior year. Time will tell if this turns out to be a true statement, but for now it appears to put to bed the rumor of his transfer this coming off-season.

Open Game Thread: Kansas State at Texas

Final game of the season. Let's hope the 'Cats can finish with a win.

Big 12 Seeding and Tiebreaker Scenarios

We break down the results of every potential outcome today to sort out Big 12 Tournament seeding.

Men's Hoops Preview - (rv)K-State at (rv)Texas

K-State's coming in shorthanded off some momentum-building wins.

This stream has:

Big 12 Game 18: (rv)K-State at (rv)Texas

K-State's coming in shorthanded off some momentum-building wins.

K-State at Texas: How to Watch and More

The regular season comes to an end, and the Wildcats' post-season is on the line.

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K-State Faces Texas Down Two Players

Early Friday evening Kansas State announced that Nino Williams, and Jevon Thomas did not travel to Texas, and as a result will not play against the Longhorns. Nino will reportedly miss the game due to personal reasons, and will rejoin the team in time for the start of the Big 12 tournament. It isn't know how long Thomas will be out, as he is sitting out due to a coach's decision. With Nigel Johnson's improved play it appears he had surpassed Thomas for the starting PG position, the bigger loss here is Nino Williams. Williams has arguably been the Wildcats' best player all season, and his loss will be a huge hole to replace. Marcus Foster will surely be counted on to step up to replace Nino's missed production, and hopefully he can make that leap.

Bring on the Podcast with Inside Texas

Tim Preston of Inside Texas joins us to preview K-State's matchup in Austin this Saturday and tells us why it's such a big game for the Longhorns, but Rick Barnes is probably done after this season either wa

Men's Hoops Recap - K-State 70, (12) Iowa State 69

What a way to send off your Seniors!

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Wesley Iwundu murders Iowa State

With under 20 seconds to go, after a blown attempt to take the lead by hurrying things along too much, Iowa State had the lead and an inbound on K-State's end. Wesley Iwundu wasn't having any of that. His steal and flush ended up being the margin of victory as the Cats prevailed 70-69. h/t Vinnyviner

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K-State bans court storming

Courtesy of the Collegian's (and the AP's) Adam Suderman. K-State made this announcement during pregame, and presumably it's not just in effect today. Additionally, Suderman noted that the security presence has markedly increased around the student section, indicating that K-State is taking the issue verrrrry seriously.


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