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K-State Slate: 9-6-13

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports



Morse did a Q&A with the opposing side, you should read it.  There is also a radio-cast, maybe it was stored and more likely it wasn't.

Welcome to the latest addition to the BotC writers, 2.1 seconds left; he's recapping the rest of the Big XII games.  Please go read and make comments.

TB charts last week's game.

How do you play two athletic QB's at the same time?

A preview of the game.

The internet is a little dusty this morning.


Obviously we didn't learn anything from last week about having celebrations on game day and the new Tennis Stadium dedication is at 11:00 a.m. Saturday.


Reminder, the Lady Cats have a couple of matches today.  Enjoy lunch while watching the Lady Cats or have a date night at Ahearn.


TB will drink beer with BillC and Panjandrum if we don't sell 5 T-shirts**.  So far the Lady Cats on this board have stepped up to by purchasing shirts.  **he really doesn't need a reason to drink beer with anyone.