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K-State Slate: 9.5.13

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Cross Country

Cats prepare for season.


Purple - White scrimmage happens Sunday at 9:00, Timbercreek Stables.


Depth Chart Analysis, a look at really bad games, and a look at the weekly press conference.

What is the right frame of mind after a loss?

K-State falls in the USA Today rankings of the 125 football teams.


Only 3+ months until Christmas and you really need to get your significant other a gift for Halloween, so why not purchase a BotC t-shirt?  If we don't sell a shirt, then TB won't ever have shirts again.  If we have sold a shirt, then we tied last year's sales when TB's mom bought one to raise his spirits.

Have you ever been looking for a job and said "I need to show my creativity on my resume."  At least this one says computer nerd rather than horrendous idea.