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K-State Slate: 9.4.13

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In a move that surprises few folks, Michael Beasley is released by the Suns.  Hopefully he has good investment advisors so he can live on the $7 million the rest of his life.  I don't see another pro-team signing him, although CO and OR might be the perfect fit for his lifestyle.


Derek's summary of the weekly coaches' press conference.  Ahearn Alley and Jon Morse discuss this week's games of interest.

Weekly press conference notes from

Is there a QB controversy or just folks needing something to write as the coaching staff look to use players more effectively?

More information on how the team is preparing this week.

Remember the flaw is not our rival, they don't want to be like us.

Even math likes the Bison.


Lady Cats host the K-State Invitational this weekend.  Instead of lunch on Friday, head over to Ahearn and watch volleyball.  The free pizza for students should be for this game and not the night cap.