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K-State Slate: 9.27.13

K-State football is missing its go-to players, men's basketball practice starts today, Iowa State wins its first game, big happenings in the O'Bannon lawsuit, and Mariano Rivera retires.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

K-State Football

K-State is missing its go-to players in its post-Fiesta Bowl season.

K-State Men's Basketball

The Wildcats incoming freshman class has strong upside. Now, if only it were a little taller...

Basketball practice begins today, and Bruce Weber plans to use the early practices to season his young team. Tremendous headline writing, there.

Is Will Spradling really the key to this K-State basketball team? Discuss.

Big 12 Football

Iowa State notched its first win of the season, beating Tulsa last night.

The O'Bannon Lawsuit

EA Sports will no longer make its popular NCAA Football video game.

Also yesterday, EA Sports and the Collegiate Licensing Company reached a settlement with plaintiffs. No specifics are available yet, but some should become known in the coming weeks.

The above article isn't as precise as it should be about the ramifications of the case's class-action certification decision, but at this point that only matters to the NCAA as sole remaining defendant. The NCAA has given no public indication that it will back down or settle, and

Other Stuff

Not a Yankees fan, but I respect Mariano Rivera. He pitched his final game in New York last night.