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K-State Slate: 9.26.13

It's a veritable cornucopia of... umm... wait, never mind. It's a slow news day.

Oh, Josh. (™ wildcat_jen)
Oh, Josh. (™ wildcat_jen)

Man, Wednesday on a bye week fits the very definition of "slow news day".


The only real football story today: "We need to improve in the intrinsic values of our program." Yes, an AP writer submitted a five paragraph story, four of which were single sentences, to tell us this.

Oh, and Josh Freeman has lost his job.


Bruce Weber has never started practice as early as he will this year, as the Cats take to the gym on Friday for the first time.

Down in South Carolina, Frank Martin has promoted Matt Figger to associate head coach, replacing the departed Brad Underwood. Yes, that means Figger has jumped from recruiting coordinator straight to associate head coach. Figured you'd want to know.

The Department:

The Collegian takes an in-depth look at K-State's athletic budget.


Jason Kirk hits the paying athletes discussion again, but he's coming around to our way of thinking in one major respect.

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney's also grabbing a page from our manual, arguing the NFL and NBA should stop refusing to hire high school graduates.

The former office manager at K-State's Biosecurity Research Center got indicted for embezzlement, having redirected about $13,000 in grant money to her own bank account. Yay.