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Coachspeak: Big 12 Coaches Teleconference Week Five

It was a bit "Freaky Friday" in Monday's teleconference, with coaches who have been on the losing end getting a taste of how the other half lives. Derek takes a look at the week four reaction from the Big 12's men in charge.

Rob Carr
Burnt Orange Nation

Mack Brown opened the door a bit on his friendship with Bill Snyder. He said they text once a week and have gone on vacations together with their wives. Ubben said it best on Twitter:

Rock Chalk Talk

Charlie Weis seemed proud of the improvement his team made in their win this week and notes it should have huge psychological significance.

Crimson and Cream Machine

Bob Stoops responded to a question about the historical significance of playing at Notre Dame saying he never thinks about that sort of thing and has never addressed it with his players. "We don't care."

He also said he looks forward to the playoff selection committee starting next year and the fact that they will likely take strength of schedule into account, saying that it might be the only way coaches continue to schedule tough out-of-conference games.

Cowboys Ride For Free

Mike Gundy was asked about the wear and tear a trip to Morgantown can have on a team. He acknowledged that is an issue but stated the obvious in saying that it's something every team in the conference will have to face.

Bring On The Cats

Bill Snyder made no bones about the lack of mystery in the offensive play calling this season, saying everyone knows what they are trying to do. He said the team did not execute as well as they wanted to against Texas.

The Smoking Musket

"I would think everyone would want an established guy at quarterback." You said it, Dana. You said it.

Holgorsen was very quick to take full responsibility for the tough loss to Maryland. "I'm not pointing the finger at anyone but myself."

Viva The Matadors

Kliff Kingsbury commented on the idea of a running clock, saying he would never agree to it because he believes his backups deserve significant playing time if the situation arises.

Our Daily Bears

Art Briles complimented his secondary play so far but acknowledged that it's early and they need to continue to improve.

On the issue of a running clock, Briles said he hopes to never be on the other side of it, but in the event that his team was the leader he would allow the opposing coach the opportunity to make that choice.

Wide Right and Natty Light

Paul Rhoads commented on the issue of a running clock, saying he is in favor of his team being up by 70 points and would allow the other team to run the clock in that situation, but acknowledged that the Cyclones are a long way from that possibility.

Frogs O' War

Gary Patterson stated that he has no intention of shying away from tough week one opponents despite this year's setback against LSU. "We're trying to win a national championship."