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Burning Down the House: Texas 31, K-State 21

Clueless, incompetent, unmotivated, and infuriating. For the first time in over fifty years, the Texas Longhorns flat backhanded the Wildcats. And now we're left with the wreckage.

Get used to it.
Get used to it.
Ronald Martinez

Light the match, the gasoline's been poured. You want me to come up with something positive to say about tonight?

Tyler Lockett was pretty good. Jack Cantele and Mark Krause did okay. Jake Waters was actually okay once Snyder stopped swapping quarterbacks in and out, and that in and of itself may be a relevant data point... but then there was the fumble, so whatever. Finally, to be fair, the Cats did fight back. They did show heart in the final 20 minutes, so give them credit for that.

That's it. Everything else was horrible. The game plan was something out of a Wes Craven film, the defense was putrid outside of some noteworthy efforts from the usual suspects, and I'm not singing hosannas to the coverage teams.

The worst part, however, was that Texas held Kansas State to 115 rushing yards.

That is not a misprint. You read it right. Texas, the third-worst rushing defense in the nation, held Kansas State to 115 yards on the ground.

The problems with the defense are probably not fixable given the speed the Wildcats don't have. The offensive issues... well, let's face basic reality. What I'm about to say is utterly incontrovertible. If Daniel Sams is not going to be allowed to throw the ball, he has no business playing quarterback because defenses will manage to shut him down. (If Texas can do it, anyone can.) Bill Snyder clearly has no intention of letting Daniel Sams throw the ball. Ergo, Jake Waters is our quarterback, for good or for ill. There's no debate here anymore. If you still want to sit and kvetch about how Daniel Sams should be in rather than Waters, you're just shouting nonsense at a brick wall, because Snyder will not allow Sams the opportunity to succeed.

Similarly, ranting about how Snyder should play Sams and let him throw is just that: ranting. Because frankly, nobody disagrees with you unless you're trying to argue that the offensive woes are to be laid at Waters' feet.

Of course, after the conclusion of the final Wildcat drive, I'm not going to argue with you about that anymore either.

One thing, though, is indisputable: tonight was, by pure numbers, the worst result Bill Snyder has ever suffered against the Texas Longhorns. And now the streak is over.