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2013 Week 2 poll

Louisiana-Lafayette at K-State, who wins? The Intern checks the commentariat's temperature.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The results of the polls so far:

2013 Regular Season Schedule
date Opponent Preseason
Result Weekly Poll
Win Lose L > 7 L ≤ 7 Tie W ≤ 7 W > 7
8/30/13 7:30 p.m.
North Dakota State 134 9 L 24-21 4 6 1 28 153
9/7/13 5:30 p.m. Louisiana-Lafayette 141 2
9/14/13 6:00 p.m. Massachusetts 142 1
9/21/13 @Texas 69 19
10/5/13 @O-State 26 62
10/12/13 Baylor 77 11
10/19/13 bye
10/26/13 West Virginia 88 2
11/2/13 Iowa State 88 2
11/9/13 @Texas Tech 71 19
11/16/13 TCU 41 20
11/23/13 Oklahoma 34 27
11/30/13 @Kansas 60 1

What did we learn? I'm not sure of anything that was learned. We had a snapping issue, we had a series where it was three straight incomplete passes, we had run backwards plays in a row and we allowed long plays not mention a sustained drive. On the other hand, we played a veteran championship team fairly well.

The drive chart for the game (click to enlarge):


purple = K-State rush, grey = K-State pass; green = NDSU rush, yellow = NDSU pass; blue = return, black = kick; white lines with yard marks = end of quarter.

What does the drive chart tell us? We had our moments, some good, some great and a bunch that were puzzling. I'm still not sure why we changed from successful passing to end the 1st Q to rushing plays that killed the drive at the start of the 2nd Q. To end the half by not attacking, still not a fan. The NFL practices 2 minute drills, while our 2 minute drill involves watching the clock tick down.

Anyway I'll continue to improve on the drive chart as the season progresses. And will offer my services to any program to do these live (without violating NCAA rules) in their coaches' box (or on the sideline) for a small fee.