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Bring on the Podcast with David Ubben

David Ubben of Fox Sports Southwest joins us to discuss Kansas State, Texas, the Big 12, and how people can't seem to figure out how to pronounce his last name.


Big 12 savant and Friend of BOTC David Ubben of Fox Sports Southwest joined Derek Smith, Jon Morse and myself for a podcast* prior to Kansas State Big 12 opener at Texas this Saturday. He answered some questions about the key storylines (note since this was recorded Tuesday Mack Brown had not yet made it official Tyrone Swoopes would be playing) and what to expect, as well as some thoughts on the Texas coaching situation.

We also discussed the Big 12 as a whole and learned why Ubben has given up trying to get his name pronounced right on the weekly Big 12 coaches teleconference. If you get bored or are short on time, be sure to skip ahead to the final 45 seconds to hear Ubben's prediction for the game. I think you'll like it.

Direct mp3 download link

*Please note this podcast features four people residing in four different states, and we did not have the best audio quality or Internet connections. You'll notice one especially bad point in the middle when we lost David entirely, but several edits were made to make the podcast flow smoother without losing any actual content.

Also, if it sounds like my intro was recorded from a different place, that's because it was. My first attempt was really awkward-sounding and didn't include an introduction of myself, so I felt the need to correct it when I did my edits.