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K-State Slate: 9.19.13

Seems like a Jimmy Buffett kind of day. Probably should continue the eat beef theme with Cheeseburger in Paradise followed by a nice drink in MargaritaVille.




Based on this article o' 5 thin's t' know about K-State, thar won't be 1 option play run by t' Cats.

Stats that matter by t' folks at t' world wide leader, you might be better off lookin' at Football Study Hall.

Is our rushin' in t' first game or second two games be what have t' look fore t' for t' rest of t' year?

Ty Zimmerman's family  Ahoy!port his efforts on t' field.

Maybe Britz is t' key t' t' game on Saturday?

Do you enjoy watchin' your enemies walking t' plank?  Then t' week in Schadenfreude should entertain you.

T' Alphabetical because Spencer likes letters as much as Bill likes numbers.


Talk like a pirate translator.