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BracketCat breaks down the depth chart by position group to see what has changed since the UMass game.

I daresay Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week Kip Daily cemented his spot as a starter last Saturday.
I daresay Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week Kip Daily cemented his spot as a starter last Saturday.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The fourth official depth chart for the 2013 season was unveiled Tuesday. Have a look:

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Wide Receiver 16 Tyler Lockett | 88
Torell Miller OR 81 Kyle Klein
Left Tackle 78 Cornelius Lucas | 68 William Cooper | 74 Kason Hostrup
Left Guard 55 Cody Whitehair | 70 Will Ash | 72 Aderius Epps
Center 66 B.J. Finney | 61 Drew Liddle | 63 Gabe Bergmann
Right Guard 77 Keenan Taylor | 79 Boston Stiverson | 69 Reed Bergstrom
Right Tackle 73 Tavon Rooks | 65 Matt Kleinsorge | 71 Chance Allen
Tight End 18 Andre McDonald OR 85 Zach Trujillo | 87 Andre Jackson
Quarterback 15 Jake Waters | 4 Daniel Sams | 19 Kody Cook
Fullback 48 Glenn Gronkowski | 89 Zach Nemechek | 34 Adam Weber
Running Back 33 John Hubert | 5 Robert Rose | 20 DeMarcus Robinson
Wide Receiver (Slot) 14 Curry Sexton | 6 Deante Burton | 12 Stanton Weber
Wide Receiver 86 Tramaine Thompson | 2 Stephen Johnson | 83 Logan Stephens
Place-Kicker 3 Jack Cantele | 16 Matthew McCrane | 8 Dillon Wilson

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Defensive End 44 Ryan Mueller | 94 Alauna Finau | 52 Mike Moore
Nose Tackle 98 Chaquil Reed | 97 Demonte Hood OR 79 Chris Brown
Defensive Tackle 95 Travis Britz | 99 Valentino Coleman OR 92 Matt Seiwert
Defensive End 45 Marquel Bryant | 90 Laton Dowling | 75 Jordan Willis
Strongside Linebacker 50 Tre Walker | 52 Mike Moore | 37 Cody Marley
Middle Linebacker 53 Blake Slaughter | 35 Will Davis | 47 Myles Copeland
Weakside Linebacker 21 Jonathan Truman | 32 Dakorey Johnson | 57 Colborn Couchman
Cornerback 4 Dorrian Roberts | 33 Morgan Burns | 24 Nate Jackson
Strong Safety 22 Dante Barnett | 13 Travis Green | 25 Joseph Bonugli
Nickel Back (Cat Safety) 15 Randall Evans | 5 Jonathan Coleman | 29 Sean Newlan
Free Safety 12 Ty Zimmerman | 20 Dylan Schellenberg | 17 Weston Hiebert
Cornerback 7 Kip Daily | 2 Carl Miles Jr. | 10 Donnie Starks
Punter 38 Mark Krause | 48 Ethan Hammes | 9 Mitch Lochbihler

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Punt Returner 86 Tramaine Thompson | 16 Tyler Lockett | 14 Curry Sexton
Kickoff Returner 16 Tyler Lockett | 86 Tramaine Thompson | 6 Deante Burton
Kickoff Specialist 3 Jack Cantele | 40 Ian Patterson | 16 Matthew McCrane
Holder 38 Mark Krause | 48 Ethan Hammes | 19 Kody Cook
Long Snapper 63 Marcus Heit | 46 Dalton Converse | 43 Drew Scott

By way of analysis, I'll hit the high points for each major position grouping. That analysis is even thinner this week, though, since there no changes to the official chart at all. Any discrepancies are my own interpretations.


There is one major difference between the official depth chart and reality. Zach Trujillo appears to have won his "OR" battle with Andre McDonald, as the former drew the start over the latter against the Minutemen.

For that matter, I've seen Trujillo out on the field a lot more than McDonald this season. The senior only seems to come in when we need an extra run blocker, and after his drop Saturday night, that looks to remain that way.

DeMarcus Robinson saw his first action of the season at running back, and he looked pretty good, too. Based on that, I have elevated him to third-string status over Jarvis Leverett Jr., who has yet to actually play as a Wildcat.

Kason Hostrup came in to play late and Boston Stiverson did not, so it's safe to assume the latter still is injured.


Marquel Bryant still is listed as the starter opposite Ryan Mueller, but Alauna Finau drew the start last week. Bryant still played and Finau didn't exactly wow me, so consider this a battle in progress, I'd say.

Colborn Couchman received his first playing time of the season and responded with a tackle on special teams, so I'm rewarding him with the third-string weakside linebacker spot. We all know Tate Snyder never will play, anyway.

Are we the only team in the Big 12 whose second-string might be faster and more talented than the starters? That's what my eyes saw Saturday night on defense, excepting the defensive line and the safeties.

Kip Daily clearly is our best pure cornerback and he's started every game, so it's a joke that the depth chart lists Dorrian "Every Team Picks on Me" Roberts ahead of him. I really can't wait until Morgan Burns surpasses Roberts.

And it's fully conceivable that every single backup linebacker is better than the starter ahead of him. Mike Moore's already more productive than Tre Walker, especially on third downs. I added Moore at third-string defensive end.

Blake Slaughter has been playing as well as he is capable of, I think, but Will Davis showed me he can compete at that spot. And the sooner Dakorey Johnson can learn his assignments, the better.

Man, if we had just landed Martrell Spaight or De'Vondre Campbell, either of those guys would be surefire starters right now. Or how about Jeff Luc? Grr...

Special Teams

Walk-on kicker Ian Patterson came in late and booted at least one kickoff against UMass, so I have elevated him to second-string kickoff specialist and bumped down Matthew McCrane, who almost certainly is redshirting.