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K-State vs Cal @ Cal Invitational


If you ever coach, one thing that you really appreciate in players is the willingness to give 100% while playing smart. The Lady Cats on Saturday were diving after balls, moving smoothly and working together. While Ms. Pelger earned tournament MVP, the entire team earned their victory over Cal.

Game 1 saw Cal take a lead and never look back, it wasn't that the Lady Cats had bad play as much as that Cal was playing their game. Game 2 saw the coaching and playing effort for the Lady Cats take over as the entire team worked together for the victory. Game 3 was more of the same, while Cal showed why they are a ranked team in game 4 as they earned their victory. The 5th game was a fairly dominant effort by the Lady Cats with the result after switching sides just a matter of the Lady Cats continuing their great team play.

Watching the Lady Cats win is a very enjoyable experience and highly recommended.

Next project for the Athletic Department: Air condition Ahearn, give the Lady Cats a quality facility. (yes, I want this even before the retractable roof for the baseball stadium.)
: great digs, great sets, good spikes. Very impressed with the movement and positioning.
Like to see
: more options for the sets, with only three hits hard to do but more change up would be awesomesauce.
Need to improve: more consistent effort, the effort by the Lady Cats on Saturday provided evidence that they can play with top 25 teams. This needs to happen every game.
Errors: The only errors I observed were from normal play, the Lady Cats had good movement and were hustling. Only 1 ball hit the ground without a Lady Cat going after it, this was a result of good play by Cal.
Things to ponder
: When did Santa Clara play Cal-Poly? Who wins the tournament if everyone beats Cal-Poly, but Santa Clara > K-State > Cal > Santa Clara?
Highlight of the Day: The K-State bench leading all 12 of the K-State fans in a cheer in response to the home crowds Go Bears cheer.
Low light of the Day: Not many Cal fans attended the game, probably only about 1,000 folks total and it was not a loud crowd either. This was with free admission if you had a football ticket. All you Wildcats need to get out and support the Lady Cats!
Things to never complain about again: Parking in Berkeley is not good. As in expensive on football game days and having to walk a wee bit. Never complain about K-State game day parking again. I'll laugh at you.