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K-State Slate: 9-13-13

Jon takes over for the intern, who is lazy. LAZY. Pay cut time.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

After last night's display, in two weeks we can expect the refs to give Texas a ground-rule double, call a flagrant shooting foul on Ryan Mueller, and send Gronk to the penalty box on a five-minute cross-checking major. For now, however, an all-football edition of the Slate to get you ready for the weekend.

Hey, did you see TCU raided our equipment room?

Kellis Robinett reports on how Snyder seems to be perfectly comfortable with running a two-quarterback offense this year, and that Jake Waters and Daniel Sams seem to be pretty okay with it too. The Collegian has a similar story.

The Star's panel of college folks are split three-to-two this week in favor of Rice over KU, Mississippi over Texas, and Iowa State over Iowa. They are unanimous, however, in picking Alabama over A&M and the Cats over UMass.

Robinett is one of those five who expects the Cats to roll Saturday, and he explains it all here. His comments were picked up by MassLive -- which, in addition to providing some pretty entertaining links to MAC content, also directed readers to my return Q&A with Bob McGovern -- i.e., his questions to me, posted over at 247sports, so you'll definitely want to check it out to see what I said, right?

Another preview of Saturday's game from Ken Corbitt of the Cap-Journal, and the obligatory preview from the athletic department.

Mentioned in comments yesterday: Martin Gramatica -- alongside Nicole Ohlde -- will enter the State of Kansas Hall of Fame in Wichita on October 6.

And finally, The Collegian has a profile of Cornelius Lucas.

(Now, seriously: don't miss my Q&A. You don't want to make me sad. You wouldn't like me when I'm sad.)