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K-State Slate: 9.12.13

Should I mention it? Am I allowed to mention it? Is something exciting happening next week? I might have said too much already. Fortunately I didn't mention who is involved.

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Now we will see if life in Miami turns out well for Mr. Beasley.


How do you solve a problem like Johnny Football?

The week in schadenfreude, and remember we had Cosh a couple of years ago so we know how Texas feels after the BYU game.

Bill likes numbers and the numeric has all sorts of numbers so you can share his joy.

Nothing to do with the biology aspect (rest of the internet for that question), but "Where Do College Football Players Come From?" looks at which states produce college football players.

Let the discussion continue about the QB at K-State.

An article on a K-State TE.  I really hope we see more use of the TE by the Cats this year.  Didn't the coach use TE's frequently at one point in his coaching?

Hubert could end up as the 2nd all time rusher at K-State.