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Gameweek: Snyder Press Conference Wrapup - UMass

MASHFORD is gone this week but Derek will fill in to provide snippets and musings from coach Bill Snyder's weekly press conference

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Things were a little better this week, but plenty of improvement is needed as the Cats inch closer to conference play. They came out hot against the Rajin' Cajuns but the second half drop-off was less than desirable.

As the team prepares for the University of Massachusetts - Amherst this week, Coach Snyder fielded several questions about his two very talented quarterbacks and what we can expect to see as the Wildcats head in to the meat of their schedule.

"After the first half of the ball game I was pleased with the progress we had made and I think there were stages in the second half -- virtually a six and a half minute period -- where I thought it all went out the window."

This was in response to being asked about improvements that were made in the past week and things they need to improve on. Snyder went on to comment that a lot is said about starting a game and finishing a game but somewhere in the middle you have to play well too.

"You've got two guys who deserve and need to be on the field and we have to continue to find and cultivate ways to utilize both of them. I think it is to our advantage to do so as long as we do it the right way."

The two quarterbacks were of course the hot topic of the day. What he means by "the right way" remains to be seen. He seems genuinely sold on the idea of two quarterbacks.

"I thought it was good for Jack (Cantele) to get out there and hit a couple of field goals. He needs to continue to improve and get better and he understands that."

Snyder was asked about building trust with his kicker and punter which could be construed as a way of asking whether he does in fact trust his kicker. Of course, only vague "answers" from the Wizard.

"Defensively I think they fly around pretty well. I think they have an aggressive back seven that fly to the ball and up front defensively they can hold their own."

Snyder repeatedly dodged assumptions that the upcoming game was anything to be complacent about and certainly not a "tune-up" game. He found several ways to praise UMass and explain their struggles.